About Us

We, at LMDOT, serve a single purpose – LESS MARGIN DELIVERY ON TIME. We are fueled by the vision to see every customer satisfied.  Our founders saw an opportunity in painting the imaginations of people on the canvas of their choice. Hence, after years of research LMDOT was formed as a tool to provide you with custom t-shirts, mugs, mobile covers, etc. of your own design. We take great pleasure in unleashing the designer in every customer we have.

And that’s not all. We are a team of dedicated graphic designers who put in their best to provide you with latest “There’s One For Everyone” ready to dispatch graphic products. We offer the best of our designs at this website to choose from. As customer satisfaction is our priority, our graphic designers are always there to assist you in your design.

We do not think of us as an organization, but a family; and our customers are a part of it.