1 Mar



LMDOT is the new desi adda for all the college folks where they could Re -live the amazing moments and memories of college life through these awesome and cool graphic T-shirts and hoodies. Here at LMDOT
we are offering you hundreds of varieties of graphics and typography on very cool and trending issues including cartoons, comics, desi trolls, travel, best friends, lovers, politics, zodiacs and many more. We are inspired from the daily life activites and give them a more interesting approach through graphics. We believe that even simple things that happen with us everyday can end up in creating amazing memories for us all and capturing them through graphics is our goal. Quotes could be funny or motivational or just facts.

 T-shirt—you should be having fun with it. The latest fashion Graphic T-shirts in demand again and not just because it’s summer. As a more casual approach to the unisexual trend, tees bearing motifs and messages have been elevated from Sunday couch potato to everyday style statement. Embrace fashion with all the freedom of expression that college allows – within the dictums of the dress code. Pick a shape that will compliment your body. It should be “not too tight, not too loose” straight fit that won’t squeeze your sides and that’s the reason LMDOT are starting with T-Shirts and hoods, as they are the most comfortable outfits for every gender.



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